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March 25, 2007


Shannon Munford

My drug of choice was not alcohol or anything of a chemical nature.

It was quite more personal...for over a decade I tried to give it up.

I tried the 12 step programs off an on for about a year.

I appreciated the fellowship...but could not get over the fact that I had to declare myself an addict for the rest of my life.

I'm sober now too. Ironically the best tool I've found was to put myself before anyone and everything else. When I'm healthy I don't have to worry about "using"

I don't know you...but I think I know how you feel right now.

A toast to ninety days "clink clink"

acquainted with bill

I have been sober for 6 years and do not attend AA as I am a staunch atheist who believes in taking responsibilities for my actions. I make a conscious, logical decision not to drink or take drugs and as a result my life has improved immensely. I go to clubs to see bands all the time but honestly bars are boring. The hardest thing for me is being in a relationship with someone who likes to drink. But you definitely don't want to date someone in AA because sorry most of those folks are crazy. Somewhere in between is a middle ground.

Anyway, to help you in your journey I have some reasons not to drink for you to consider:

You can always drive. In LA, that is key. If you live in LA, and you drink a lot, you're gonna drink and drive, it's inevitable. If you drink and drive enough times, something bad will happen eventually. Also, if you are sober you can drive as fast as you want after midnight. You will never fear getting pulled over by the cops again and you'll probably get to experience the joy of getting pulled over and not getting a ticket.

You will save lots of money. When I first got sober, it was like getting a $300 per week raise (your results may vary).

Alcohol is full of calories.

You will find that sex is that much better, because it's pretty much all you've got. It takes a while to get used to dating while sober, but you'll soon learn it gives you a huge advantage. The confidence and self-worth you get from sobriety makes you more attractive.

You will find the joy of nicotine, and caffeine, if you weren't hooked before. You kind of have to because it gives you something to do at parties and bars, or you can hang out in coffee houses and get wired on caffeine. You can quit smoking once you get in a good relationship and grow up a bit.

Claire Smith

Thanks for the support Shannon & *bill!

Yeah, my shrink and I were having a conversation the other day about the vast amount of people out there who quit drinking (or other addictions) without the use of a twelve-step program and how it's really undocumented but how there's really a lot of people out there who are just doing things their own way.

Whatever works...right?

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