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December 03, 2006



Claire, I absolutely love everything you write about your mother. She sounds so lovely and fearless.


Thank you, dear. She was lovely and fearless and crazy and beautiful and incredibly fun and full of messy mistakes and enthusiasm and I miss her.


Your mother is dead and mine is alive but you know more of your mother's inner life and intimate experiences than I do.


Hmm...Cynthia...that's interesting to think about. I realize how lucky I am to have had such incredible relationships with my parents. Makes me miss them all the more...


About your aunt Phyllis - "Every story I’ve heard about her is the kind you forget immediately, the details at once jumbled even as you’re crossing the threshold of the room you heard it in."

- That is one of the most beautiful, tragically funny sentences I've ever read.

And your mother - what a spirit! She looks lovely.


Thanks, Christine. It always feels really good to have someone pick out the very line that you're most proud of.


Well there you go. Keep it up.

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