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December 29, 2006


Trip McCoy

Madness? Hardly. Here's to the busboys, the waiters, the maitre'd's. The watchers and listeners and those who surrounded you on the fringes. They dont murmur they dont remember, they provide the echo for the lines that reverberate over and over when good friends reunite.

Make sense? Well here's a large chunk of good memory breaking loose and dropping on your lap: short waiter,,.probably gay, babbling about thirty five dollar wine that should have been ten. Matt Lauer and a certain interstellar manuever. Bad pizza, long wait, no drinks.

Remember the New Years resolution? We have video and its not of the snowmen. Fore sight in 720x486. We are playing it again as we write. How prescient it is. It succinctly encapsulates 2006 in four words...We'll leave those echoes silent til we reunite.


Oh, I remember those four words well, my dear.

Hope you've got your tool belt on for's sure to be a helluva year. Will miss you this 31st....xx


Life is about madness because perfection is so boring. When madness comes in waves, you either learn to surf with it, or drown in it.

Angry in LA

Sounds like a year of tremendous growth. I love the description of your classes month to month. It takes me back to a time of tremendous stress but vital exploration.

Shannon Munford
Dayrbeak Counseling Service


Glad you made it through - and transformed, I think. When will that damn schooling be over so we can hang out more???

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