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October 26, 2006



o claire my claire. can it be pain and hurt and panic that are fucking you, not madness? if only love could help more than a little.

Claire Smith

Thanks, Cynthia. Come back from New York soon.


cyn told me you were listening to olivia tremor i check out the blog and saw the tub/shower bit. breaking lots of glass bottles can be slightly a teeny tiny bit satisfying ive found.
anyway, aeroplane over the sea, best fucking manic album ever.
keep huggin yerself...the temporary straight jacket will get you through until all your friends over this side of town can do the hugging for you


You're sweet Josh. And you can comment on my blog any old day.


This is uber late and random, but somehow stumbled upon this posting. Just wanted to say it was a brilliant post. I've had a hard time trying to articulate my own feeling/thoughts when trying to control and harness my manic episodes to those closest to me, but your description will most definitely help.

Todd Pyykola

I just found you , I love your writing , reminds me of the several times I have had my own episodes ..


I've just found you too. You have a tremendous gift. This piece so resonated with me. Thank you so much for sharing who you are.

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