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Tabathia B

Drink plenty of water and add lemon or a lime for a splash of water and snack on fruit like apple slices or grapes for healthy eating and to avoid over indulging
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Tabathia B

tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com


I keep a food diary and make sure to keep active during the holidays.



Adrienne gordon

I manage by avoiding the sweets.I make sure to stick to my daily exercise and that handles any extra food I may eat during the holidays.

Terri Dell

Snack on fruits instead of sweets

Terri Dell

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Margaret Smith

I try to snack on healthy items before going out. I also like to drink lots of water.

Natalia D

I eat a lot of salads before main dish


I try to drink a lot of water before party.
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my tip is if you bake use splenda
if you snack no larger portions than your fist...............

Roxanne Ellis Raymond

I am very conscious of serving sizes this time of year, its not worth over indulging!


If you are a pop drinker, try to make yourself switch to diet. It takes a while to get used to the different taste, but you can save so many calories.

Stephanie V.

usually portion control size of palm but this year fighting cancer, had treatment and isolation last week and lost my salivary glands so no taste whatsoever
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Benny Williams

I always try to follow the "80% rule". Eat until you feel 80% and stop. If you feel hungry later, you can always have a snack. But usually that 80% is enough. Thanks for the giveaway!

Benny Williams


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Susan Smith

I fill up on proteins fruits and vegetables so I'm not as tempted to eat sweets. I also eat before I go to parties and just sample foods while I'm there.

Susan Smith



Actually, the best thing to do is NOT to weigh yourself every day! There are so many fluctuations, depending on that time of month, sodium intake, etc., that weighing every day can easily throw you off track. Go by the fit of your clothes, not the number on the scale!

That said, if you eat well the rest of the time, you can allow yourself a treat here and there. Have a handful of candy and use a little less butter on your potatoes later. :)

Andrea S.

I eat everything, but in moderation. I try to eat more of the lean proteins, and nibble on the high-fat apps and desserts. I also don't drink much any time of the year, so it is easier to do without all the high calorie drinks that seem to be so present this time of year.


I try to eat only to satisfaction and track everything I am eating

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I have to say, I really don't worry to much about eating during the holidays. We are suppose to be enjoying life with our friends and family with the stress of worrying.

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Gotta say the finest way to eat healthy for our family is to stick a Mediterranean diet of pastas, fishes, olive oil and other necessary peripherals :D

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