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Jennifer (mom of 4)

I love to bake during the holidays but really try not to eat everything I make. To do this I try and eat popcorn to fill me up while I bake. This helps me not eat all of the fattening things. haha


This year I'm keeping a food diary and writing down all the calories I consume so I don't go out of control.




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Selene Montgomery

I'm afraid I don't stay fit during the holidays since we're traveling, so I can give you a tip on how I do stay fit.

Peter Schott

I usually just try to take my holiday snacks in reasonable doses, hard as that may be. That helps me stay pretty much at the same level, though I don't lose anything. I've got to step up that effort this year.


I just try to get in exercise everyday and have small portions!


Find a 10 minute exercising podcast on Itunes and squeeze those 10 minutes in. It will help remind you to watch what you eat!


I do a lot of baking so I switch out regular sugar for Whey Low and use Neufchatel instead of regular cream cheese.


i lose weight before the holidays so I can gain it all back.


It is a task to stay fit during the holiday's but I really try to limit my calories by not going back for seconds and also eating off of a smaller plate. I also try to walk 30 minutes daily and instead of strolling my 1 year old I carrier him in a Soft Structured Carrier to burn twice the calories. It helps some, believe me.




I'm taking care of my grandson more days now while his parents are working and in school. Running up and down stairs and playing with him is all I need to keep fit.


Eat at only every other opportunity?


I continue working out even while we're out of town, and try very hard not to eat my weight in stuffing.


This year I am running a Turkey Trot 5K, but I am slightly worried about after the Turkey Trot is over and how I will do...we shall see.


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I don't know what I'm going to do this year, because I have a foot problem but I'm hoping walking my son to school every day will help at least maintain! Thank you for the giveaway!


i try to eat light, produce rich meals when i am cooking for myself and save the indulgences for special occasions. it not difficult to eat healthy when i know i will be able to enjoy thanksgiving and christmas and certain other events in between!


I have physical limitations AND low blood sugar so I have to be careful by eating small meals. THIS is so important for EVERYONE when holidays come around, so as not to starve yourself all day so you can pig out and go into a feeding frenzy at the holiday table. (This is key for anyone, not just those with Blood sugar issues.) Planning ahead is important…eat something controlled BEFORE you go to that buffet table! I can add a good 5 lbs. Christmas week alone. I can blame it on Mom’s award winning stuffing, but I think it is MY “stuffing” that is the problem! This year I will not be the crying piggy,…I will enjoy being the “laughing cow”!






jennifer horn

I try to stay active and not eat on the go. I find I eat less and more healthy while out and about if it's not at a drive thru. I also eat some of what I want, just don't overeat.

jennifer horn

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jennifer horn

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