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As terrible as this sounds, you have to do laundry every day. Or at least every other day. If you stay on top of it, it's not so bad and the loads are smaller.

Put in a load in the morning. Take it out immediately and put it in the drier or leave it for Greg to do. Sometimes I have to set a timer to remind myself that there's something in the wash. I typically fold laundry at night when everyone is asleep and put it away in the morning (for the kids, that is. I put mine away as I'm pulling it out of the laundry basket.)

Claire Bidwell Smith

Sigh. I think youre right about the laundry every day thing. There are just SO many things in life that Id rather do besides laundry.

bonnie kennedy

If it makes you feel better...I would have never, ever guessed...both you and veronica always look adorable and well pressed!

Claire Bidwell Smith



I cannot help you, as I suffer the same predictment and I make my b'friend to do it for me, I also crack it if the socks are not in order and then well don't get me started on folding and putting away clothes, gawd help me when we start having kids. I have seriously collected 3 jackets (I live in Northern Queensland, Australia which equals heat, so don't ask me how it happened) around my desk, cupboard for said jackets is upstairs and 3 bedrooms away, I told the b'friend only this morning, I am already in trouble...urgh clothes - I love them, hate looking after them! That said, you have to make a concentrated effort to know what your doing, i.e. I strip off when I come home, literally where I stand when I walk in to the house I start to shred right there, so I have to make a mental note not to do so, and shred in front of the wardrobe...basically being a poor adult sometimes really sucks. I need a maid and a butler...


I must be a weirdo. I love doing laundry. Because it's only me, I only need to do a weekly wash, but I love it. There's something about clothes going in dirty, and coming back in from the line clean and smelling lovely.

An old housemate taught me this trick: fold your washing as you get it in from the line, or out of the drier. At least then if it's sitting in the basket for days (or weeks) it's not getting too creased!

Harder to do in winter outside, but in summer I use it as a bit of an excuse to spend some time outside doing nothing much.

Claire Bidwell Smith

Oof, if I *loved* laundry then my problem would certainly be solved!

Claire Bidwell Smith

I totally need a maid or butler too! Sigh.


Greg should do the laundry. You're already taking care of enough things around the house and with V.

Jessica Sant

I think you just described my laundry technique verbatim. More often they just stay heaped up on top of the laundry machine. If I actually fold them, they rarely make their way back upstairs. We just end up "clothes shopping" from the folded basket and the clean pile". Ugh... I really need to get on top of that.... maybe next week?

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

Claire Bidwell Smith

Ha...well, glad to know Im not alone!

Claire Bidwell Smith

Actually, now that hes playing Mr. Mom hes got more than enough on his plate! But maybe. :)

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