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Well, this post is right up my nesting alley! I love the repurposing of the tupperware without lids...and I think you should commit, as I have, that if you discover a tupperware without a lid that you immediately put it in the recycler. Otherwise, it lingers. And as far as how to KEEP it organized, I have a friend who fusses once a week for 10 minutes in the pantry to keep things straight. Over a year that's 500 minutes or shuffling and organizing...plenty to keep it looking amazing!

Claire Bidwell Smith

Such good advice to recycle the topless tupperware. All about simple living, and that means LESS stuff!


A curtain would be a good idea to cover your window....sunlight will deteriorate your food in see-through packaging. It'll also add heat to the room which doesn't help your food storage either.

Claire Bidwell Smith

Wow, thats a great idea! Thanks!


Quinoa is not that hard! I probably don't do it justice--i just toast it in a pot then add some veg stock and cook it for about 15 min. It is very tasty though! And if you can believe it, Sunshine LOVES it.

Trust me, you can totally do it.

Claire Bidwell Smith

Haha...if YOU can do it, then I can do it. Thanks for the encouragement!



Jill H.

You did a great job. I use rubbermaid containers for organizing.


Organize? People actually organize? LOL

I'm strugglin' with my office. However, by usin' a binder system, I am makin' headway. Lemme' know if you find a way to keep it organized, k?

~ Yaya


Very nice! And at my house we never have excess graham crackers. We eat them in milk for breakfast or for a snack.

Claire Bidwell Smith

Ha...thats cute!


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