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asia huska

we have "school papers", not quite school aged but it helps keep a routine even in the summer


I use a dry erase board in the kitchen to write down a daily schedule for everyone to follow


routine charts for each person helps a lot!

Sarah McKnight

I would love to win the 100$ How we got back into routine was going to early about 2 weeks before school and getting up earlier and doing my errand for the day!

Heather Chandler

We use a magnetized chart on the fridge to keep in a routine. Simple chores and bedtime routine are posted.


We have a time and a place for homework. With 5 kids in school this year (elementary, middle, and high school) we've got to keep a tight order on things or the homework doesn't get done.

For me personally, I've been walking the kids to school each day and then exercising after I drop them off. I love the routine and the energizing way that I get to start my day now.

Stephanie S.

We use charts and lots and lots of lists! I try to keep the kids on the same schedule each day. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!

Melissa Z.

Getting back into routine is made easier by adjusting in increments. If the kids have been staying up later during the summer, then the week before school starts it is best if they start by going to bed 20 minutes earlier than they have been each day until they are back on their school sleep schedule. It makes for a lot less of a fight than suddenly switching back to their "old" schedule in one day.

Patti Persia

We always have the middle drawer of our fridge filled with things the kids can snack on, so they know where to look and so do I.


Part of getting back into the fall routine for me is taking the school calendar, church calendar and our own personal events and putting them all on one calendar in the kitchen. That's where everything goes that is happening, so there is one place to keep track of it all, and everyone knows where to look to see what we're doing.

Mandy Kauffman

I do all of my shopping on the weekends, and take time on the weekend to cook up/prepare food so that breakfasts and lunches are easy to grab in the mornings.


We have a magnetic chore board and a family calendar posted to keep us all on track!

Amy Atkeson

We get back on our "school schedule" about two weeks in advance.

Jennifer H

lists, and making sure everyone knows what to expect.


About a week before school starts, we start an earlier bedtime and morning schedule. This is what helps our family to run smoothly, and this also makes for happier kiddos!


Routine is important and planning is super helpful to me - I plan out weekly meals, grocery lists, to dos, appointments, etc. on a dry erase calendar in our kitchen so I always know what's going on.

Megan B

Because I only work 2 days a week and my son is not yet in school, it can get confusing as to which days we can sleep in and be lazy and which days are work/school days. So I just set a bedtime, and stick. with. it. Not matter what day it is (or what excuse he comes up with!).

Sasha Farnsworth

Before school starts we get the girls into a good sleeping pattern that will be good for school.


I write everything on the calendar, keep a to do list and leave reminders on my phone :)


To-do lists. They seem endless, but it helps me keep all my thoughts in one place and I love checking off my accomplishments!

Vickie Seiler

We go to bed earlier and get up earlier so the kids get used to that routine.


Scheduling is really important. Sticking to a bedtime routine and a day routine for that matter rather than our summer free for all schedule.


We always seem to end up eating dinner late in the summer so then go to bed later. Would love to get back to eating earlier dinners so we can go to bed at a reasonable time.


We keep consistent bedtimes throughout the summer so that we at least have one routine ready to go for the school year!


A set bedtime is our secret. The kids also have to pick out there clothes and round up their shoes and back packs, so we aren't searching for them in the morning! A family Calendar helps us all know where we are going too!

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