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i was making my grandma's spaghetti casserole and didn't realize that the pasta was supposed to be cooked first...the uncooked pasta made for an awfully crunchy casserole! oops.


I was in high school and I knew next to nothing about grocery shopping. My mom had asked me to stop at the grocery store and buy some hamburger for supper. I had only about $2 with, but my mom said it would be enough. I had no idea that what I was looking at was the price per pound and so when I went to pay and it was more then the $2, with a HUGE line behind me, I was mortified! Thankfully, the manager paid and I have always looked for him in order to re-pay him, but I've never seen him since.


When I first moved to San Francisco, I noticed that sticks of butter were smaller here. Well, shorter anyway. It turns out that they are the same, volumetrically, but the stick of butter I bought in SF *looked* like half of what I was used to.

So, right after I moved, I decided to bake a chocolate cake. And since I thought the sticks of butter here were only half what I was used to, I doubled the butter.

Then, I ran out of regular flour, and decided to substitute soy flour. Which is really thirsty, so I added more milk. Then my then-housemate said the batter tasted "beany," so I added more chocolate. And some espresso beans. Why not.

The resulting cake was the flattest thing I've ever seen (despite being two layers), and weighed a freaking ton. But my former housemate and both our boyfriends still speak affectionately of what we dubbed the "plotz cake." It was delicious.

I've tried to recreate it, but honestly I could never bring myself to add that much butter again!

Maggie @ Tethered Mommy

I was making an angel food cake for a friend of the family. I was only about 19 and not very comfortable with them. I forgot the eggs and did not beat the mix very well. The cake turned out "okay" but my boyfriend at the time kinda guessed that I forgot the eggs even though I couldn't remember if I had or not.

To this day I'm still obsessed with making sure the eggs went in!


Well, there was the time--I was in my early twenties--that I decided to use a "fool-proof" recipe (it was one of Rose Levy Berenbaum's, as I recall) to make a chocolate jellyroll cake for my sweetie for Valentine's Day. I am no baker. I bought the proper pan, but I didn't tidy my kitchen beforehand, just sort of shoved a clutter of books and journals to the corner of the kitchen table. The separating of the eggs was not totally successful, but I soldiered on. The batter--well, it didn't seem "right"--but what did I know? I was more accustomed to packaged jellyroll snacks.

It turned out like wet leather, thinner at one end, and even the dog wouldn't eat it (and she once ate a swamp cake I created by overlooking the amount of ounces of almond paste called for in an almond cake "What's four ounces between friends?" I asked nonchalantly...).

I would have been better off with packaged snacks that Valentine's Day.

Jill H

I was walking on the treadmil at the gym, minding my own business when this gorgeous guy decided to walk past me. I turned around to watch him go by, lost my footing and proceeded to do a face plant on the treadmill making a fool out of myself in front of someone I was hoping to perhaps get to know in the future. Several people around me were trying their hardest not to laugh but I must admit it was pretty funny.

Jill H



Kelly Massman

This is as funny as I get (I’m pretty serious)! My son always hated sweet potatoes when he was little–this was to the point where if we asked him to try one he would gag. One day, we had lunch at my sister’s. We had burritos. My son said they were the best burritos he had ever had. Guess what? There were sweet potatoes in them! We tease him to this day!

Debra F

Not a “real” cooking story, but so very funny. My husband had to dig up a pipe in the backyard to fix it. When he was done, he was going to seed it over, but the boys loved to dig in the dirt, so we decided to leave it for them to play in. A few weeks ago – the day after a rain – they went outside to play and I was getting dinner ready, doing chores, etc. I could hear them, but was so surprised after almost an hour that there was no fighting, yelling, crying, etc. I was thinking to myself, boy, they are getting along so nicely, I have such good boys maybe we can go out for ice cream after dinner as a treat. I stepped outside to compliment them on their behavior, and this is what I was greeted with


I must have said something like “What possessed you?” and my youngest (the one covered from head to toe) said “I was making mud pies for dinner, but the recipe went all wrong!” I could not do anything but laugh, but needless to say, the area was seeded by the weekend!

Debra F



Just recently I grabbed what I thought was breading mix out of my freezer to coat some fish that I was going to fry. Luckily I figured out after dipping it in the ziploc bag that it was actually powdered sugar left over from Christmas cookie baking....


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Lewis F

Was blessed with an old-world grandmother. Although she didn’t teach me how to cook, I had an expectation of a high level of home cooking.

When I went to college some young women tried to impress me with a “home cooked meal.” Well, they (the dinners) were disasters.

I learned to feed myself, simple meals, likely solely by osmosis.

The young women would throw up their hands, as if in surrender, and I had to do the cooking.

shelly aka allysmama

My mom is the worlds worst cook. My dad fried onion rings one night for dinner and left the grease covered on the stove so he could get rid of it the next day. The next night Mama decided to fry chicken. She grabbed the frying pan and started cooking it on high. When she uncovered the chicken to remove it...not only had the chicken turned green...it smelled of onion...and was still raw inside! It was so bad, our dog ran from it!


I have to wear tennis shoes at my job so I own a ton of pairs. Last week I decided that I should only own 1 pair at a time because I found myself at work, for the 4th time this year, wearing 2 completely different shoes! It has become quite the habit, but I guess it make my co-workers laugh!


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I once made a grilled cheese sandwich but forgot to remove the wax paper between the slices ....it was terrible it took me 4 bites to finally figure it out!

guild wars 2 gold

Oh and last week I decided that I was going to revise a recipe I found online for banana bread. I cooked it and then let it cool on a cooling rack but apparently not long enough because I flipped it over and it broke apart except for the part burned to the bottom of the pan. Not only that but adding buttermilk powder to the mix did NOT make it taste very good. It was a total wash and went straight into the garbage. I had to soak the pan for hours to get the burnt part of the bread out of the pan.


Well, I recently blogged about my first experience trying to debone a chicken, which was QUITE a disaster: http://lifeblessons.blogspot.com/2010/08/getting-to-know-my-chicken-dinner.html

Here's a little excerpt:

"I decided I'd give it a try and picked up a whole chicken the next time I was at the grocery store, and took it home to discover the pastime of carving your own chicken.

As I pushed and prodded the poor creature, memories of 9th grade biology class and frog dissection came back. I couldn't figure out where I was supposed to cut and tried to pause and rewind the video tutorials to get a better understanding. It felt like the videos were in fast-forward mode, as the chefs sliced and diced with super-human speed. It wasn't nearly as easy as they made it look. Perhaps that's why they're the professionals?

Whereas the videos took less than a minute for the adept cooks and butchers, it took me about 45 minutes of snipping and tugging and sweating (seriously) to finally get my chicken carved up, although one drumstick and both wings got mutilated in the process (not sure how).

I shoved the cuts into the fridge, and washed my hands about 5 times once I was done, slightly grossed out by the hands-on experience I just had with my dinner. (Not to mention the extra parts that rolled out from the inside of my dinner during the operation .)"

Henria O.

One day a friend and I were eating lunch together. She happened to have pizza and I can't remember what I was eating. Anyway, during the course of our lunch we were talking and laughing. At one point, my friend laughed so hard that her bite of pizza flew out of her mouth and landing on my clothing!
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I have a funny story. I told my daughter that I could change the color on tv. We watched the Wizard of Oz and I told her I would change the color after Dorothy’s house crashed in the tornado. Her eyes opened up wide, and she was like, “Wow, Daddy, you were right!”

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pauleyd68 (at) yahoo (dot) com


My best friend was cooking a turkey and she was so proud of herself. After a while we started smelling something aweful and came to the conclusion that she never pulled out the plastic bag of turkey parts that came stuffed in the turkey! The plastic bags were all melted and it was a nasty smell. She was so embarassed. Felt so bad for her but yet it was so funny at the same time :)

Betsy Hoff

For Thanksgiving I once cooked ham in a slow cooker with the pineapple. The pineapple was in there the whole time. I had no idea you were supposed to add it towards the end and the pineapple had made the ham all mooshy. So there is was a mooshy mess of ham. We threw it out and made a lasagna.

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