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I love your comment about it. I have friends from my childhood, former neighbors, from living in Florida for 3 years, from work, family members of friends, from college as an adult and my favorite is having met a neighbor who became my sweetie and since he is retired and we both live with our families we are reduced to being like teenagers in the car. My favorite saying is A Stranger is a Friend you Haven't Met Yet. Plus the bloggy friends I have met. Can't forget that!

Kate Watson

I add flavor to my life by running. Nothing is more freeing then leaving it all on the road.


I ad flavor to my life by trying something new each day, and getting interested in a wide variety of topics and activities. I also write a blog to remind myself of all the different things I love.

Emily Carroll

Lots and lots of coffee!

Patricia Schueller

I add flavor to my life by making friends wherever I go!


my flavor is added from my relationships with family and friends...without them my life would be pretty boring :)


I add flavor to my life by being open minded and enjoying the company of others.


I add flavor by volunteering with my animal rescue group. I meet so many nice people, and help by fostering kittens. It's a wonderful "flavor" that also teaches our kids compassion.


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I add flavor by watching my kids and seeing how amazing and new the world is to them.


I add flavor to my life by staying spiritually grounded and remembering what is most important in my life which is my family and close friends


My boys add flavor to my life! Each day is fun, different and challenging. They really keep me on my toes!


Hmmm. How do I add flavor? One of my favorite ways is meeting and getting to know new people on the internet! I know those aren't supposed to be "real" friends to me, but I've gotten great advice, support, and new perspectives from folks online when people I know IRL were totally useless. :-)


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My work (I'm an engineer) adds flavor to my life. Most people don't realize how creative engineering is; it's not a dry subject at all, and I wake up every day excited to go to work and further my research. The systems I study help me to look at the world in a different way.


I add flavor to my life by having my girls teach me something new each and everyday. It's an adventure that is for sure!


the four F's-- Family, Friends, Fun, and Food!!


I add flavor to my life by taking time to really listen to my 18 month old daughter - her little mind is amazing!


The flavor of life is amazing...coffee, kids, friends, cookie dough, messy projects, and half-painted rooms...we just have to stop and notice!


I like to add flavor by trying new things. Sometimes i will try something completly new on a menu instead of ordering a favorite. I like to find new ways to get home from work. Currently my favorite route is along the lake since i come home at sunset. Its absolutly stunning to be able to see it.

Andrea Kruse

Traveling the the world, the country or even just the local area and learning the local customs, language and cuisine is how I add flavor to my life. Always different, never boring and often surprising.

Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

I add flavor to my life by blogging. I love it! Great giveaway!!


I've added flavor to my life by taking opportunities to grow. My latest has been adding another wonderful little boy to our family :)

Heidi J

I add flavor to my life by traveling! I love to visit new places.

Amy Brewer

I add flavor to my life with my family. It just makes my life sweeter than I ever thought it could be.

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