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ooooh! I need this....I think a better question would be where wouldn't I use it:) I'd use it at the coffee shop, the bookstore,waiting in the car....................


I would use this at work to check my personal emails and at the airport next month while I'm waiting for my flight to Puerto Rico!! I'm sure my daughter would love to access her online games to keep her entertained as well. They always tell you to arrive 2 hours early but then you just end up sitting there with nothing to do!

learningmama at yahoo dot com


Most likely on road trips and at church where our worship center doesn't have internet access.


I travel for work pretty frequently and hotels and convention centers have notoriously poor internet access. Something like the overdrive would really help me stay in touch and get more done.

Stacey @twinmomoftwinz

I'd use it every where. Home, work, while traveling . You name it I'd do it!

Stacey @twinmomoftwinz

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Airports & hotels, what a godsend. Plus being able to dump the cable company once and for all.

Darcie K

I would use it everywhere that I go...waiting for my daughter at dance, cheer, at meetings, etc.
Thanks for the chance!


How awesome! I would use this everywhere, but especially while traveling! Those airport and hotel fees really add up! thank you :)


Right now I would use it in the parts of my law school that I like best but have surprisingly poor wifi reception. Otherwise, I'd use it when I'm traveling and visiting my non-wi-fi enabled family members.


I would use the Sprint Overdrive while out for a walk! :-)

Andrea Kruse

I would use it to blog on any inch of the farm! Or for traveling with the kiddos to their clinic visits. We wouldn't have to eat at McDonalds every time... (free wifi!)
andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

Andrea Kruse



I think I'd use it pretty much everywhere!


I have been obsessing with the need for mobile internet! It would be nice to get out of the house to get some work or play done, without having to worry about finding or paying for wifi!


I would love to use this while camping! I have been without internet so many times while camping with my family and it drives me insane!!


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I'd use it while on the go - waiting, especially!


cdziuba@aol.com I would love it for travelling...in the airport, the condo where we stay, you name it. Fabulous giveaway!


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Julie Cutshaw

main entry: I would use this handy dandy Sprint Overdrive great item while camping, we take our motor home to camp in campgrounds that are in & around mountains & to the lake and I would use it there or at the ocean while sitting in my beach chair, how cool that would be to not be always looking for free wifi in restaraunts parking lots while we are traveling in our motor home & I'd love using it today while waiting in the school car pickup line that takes 45 minutes now that would be great I'd be blogging & tweeting the whole time :-)
THANKS Sprint & lifeinla.typepad !
sewitupjulie at gmail dot com


I would use this everywhere, but largely on the bus. With a long commute and no wi-fi, it's such a waste of time, but this would be awesome!

And you're right- it might be worth ditching the home internet.

Melissa O.

Woah! That's awesome. I would use this at work, on my breaks, at the park, traveling and every minute I could!

Melissa O.


Karen B

I would use this at home and while traveling-how neat!!!

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