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My favorite comfort food is a toss up between homemade mac and cheese or a big bowl of my chicken tortilla soup.

cassandra aubut

My fav comfort food is Mac and Cheese!

Karen B

My favorite comfort food is Mashed Potatos!


Having lived in New Mexico, my favorite comfort food is enchiladas! My husband and I are expecting and I'm looking forward to making my own baby food :)


I like noodles with cream sauce makes me feel happy! It is a special treat!


My hubby laughs at me and says I'm addicted to paper plastic and string- well candy that is, fruit roll up, long licorice and button candy.

Aaron Lee Fineman

I have too many favorite comfort foods, I guess it all depends on what mood I am in and how much time I have to make or find the comfort food type that I want and what time of day it is. Lately I would have to say that my comfort food is a tuna sandwich on thick challah bread. But winter is upon us and that's when my I start wanting Japanese curry with noodles.
mmm noodles...
ps. call me slow, but how does one make a link to a twitter comment here?


Neat! I make all my babies food that is until my food processor got over worked! haha.

My favorite comfort food is mashed potatoes! Love them.


Tweeted! http://twitter.com/lorinalately/status/7506018702


My favorite comfort food is popcorn-especially the way it smells.


Mmmm...my favorite comfort food is chicken noodle soup over mashed potatos. Just the way my mom makes it. It always signifies that I'm home.

Annalise Thomas

homemade spicy baked mac and cheese!! for sure! :o)

Katherine Barnett

apple pie.. with some ice cream on top, of course!

jennifer barr

mashed potatoes & gravy :)


By far, my comfort food involves anything creamy, savory, cheesy with some butter and garlic...well i'll be that is mac n' cheese. I would be even more into it if there were some morsels of lobster and shrimp nestled in there too, maybe some spinach for good measure.

Kelley  Wood

My favorite comfort food is actually a drink...Nestle Quick!! Nothing like chocolate milk to comfort! :)


My dad's spaghetti and meatballs. He cooks the sauce for days and it is oh so yummy. It makes me warm inside thinking about it!


Soup is my comfort food, here in the Snowbelt of Ohio!


My little one's favorite foods that I made were califlower and butternut squash. He loved that his mommy made he baby foods- he always ate them so much better than the jarred stuff.

julie @ duet letterpress

oh gosh! i would love, love, love to win this. my favorite comfort food is my grandfather's homemade soup. so yummy!

julie @ duet letterpress

just tweeted about the contest too! http://twitter.com/duetletterpress/statuses/7520330266

Glamour This! by Kelly

Ooooo baby-to-come would love this. I was planning of making all my baby food. And this would be so perfect. (Fingers crossed)

My comfort food... would be Cadbury Eggs (but available during easter only) and Haagen Dazz Coffee Ice cream. Both not very good for my body ;)

rachel klempel

i would love this, i used to always buy friends having babies an old inferior version. my favorite comfort food is shepherd pie that i make with lots of veggies from my garden and local ground lamb or beef.

Jenny Atmani

my favorite comfort food is pizza!But only GOOD pizza, not some discounted sale priced frozen one.(Although I wouldn't kick that out of bed, either!) I also like that you can get really creative, topping it with whatever you like. And its an easy semi-portable way to include a wide variety of foods into one meal!


Hands down, my favorite comfort food is my mom's cheesy meat loaf with mashed potatoes. Great, now I want that for dinner.

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