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I've actually been looking for a stroller similar to this. Our current one is a real beast. Thanks for the review!


Haha! TOo funny. I've totally been that mom carrying her baby down the train platform.


Oh my god, totally been there. Stroller looks great!


I've been looking a good stroller... I think I would trip going down those stairs LOL.

your very short friend sarah

I look at that photo, and I find myself wildly jealous of your long arms and legs. And upper body strength.


Was I the only one looking at that gorgeous baby (um, I can still call her a baby right? She's not going to get mad)..that cute little look on her face, she could be a model baby!


Thanks Claire! I have been searching for just this very item and get overwhelmed by all the choices.
Our clunky stroller is good for long walks and the park, but not heading downtown.

Baby Car Seat Strollers

The way you reviewed Chicco Liteway stroller said it all and this can prompt parents to go for it, but the need for a stroller depends on individual needs and preferences. Good post.


Bless you for embracing city life with a baby. The brown line ran behind the Albany Park two flat where I had spent my first 3 years of life right off of Kedzie. I am a suburban girl 100%.
Alex has yet to have his first train ride (he's 5 on Monday) and when he does it will most likely be Metra.

Claire Bidwell Smith

I bet hell love it when he does finally make it onto the train!

Claire Bidwell Smith

Ha...youre sweet.

Beth Moon

Hi Claire --

We met once at a book club meeting (at Lindsey's place - you were quite pregnant, we discussed "American Wife") and I stumbled across your blog this week. I love this post and admire your city commitment!

I will visit again :-) Take care.


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