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Oh gosh, I've been really wanting one an Ergo. Something I *always* carry with me is a nail file. Ragged nails drive me crazy. :(


Chapstick. Can't go anywhere without it!


I carry a bottle of water with me wherever I go.


I have LOVED my Ergo. I haven't used it so much recently now that my baby is walking (running) everywhere. She prefers NOT to be held now. :(

I always kept my chapstick, my cell, a diaper, a few tissues and some wipes in a small baggie in the front pocket of my Ergo. You'd be amazed at what you can fit in that pocket!

These days I have my water with me at all times, snacks for the baby, her water, my cell and my sunglasses.


I always carry a book with me. I'm always early so I need something to kill time with. I'm sure this will change when my little one arrives though!


Chapstick, diapers, wipes, burp cloths, change of clothes, an extra paci, oh boy, the list goes on and on!


I've heard good things about the ergo.

It's a silly thing but I can't go anywhere if I don't have breath mints with me. I'm always worried that I might have bad breath and no one would tell me.


chapstick yo. i always have at least one tube. and my pride. i carry that too.


I would love the Ergo for our soon to be born 2nd son. We used (unsuccessfully) the baby bjorn with our first, so this would be a welcome change. Oh wait--that's not how I can win the carrier (just had to comment), so...the one thing I carry with me ALL of the time is a black, stretchy hair tie. It is on my wrist 24 hours a day. Kind of like an unstylish bracelet. It even goes in the shower with me.


oops...I incorrectly typed my e-mail and submitted. The right address is below (but still only count me once!)


I always carry chapstick with me, lip life just doesn't work without it! Seriously though Ergo's always win rave reviews. My sister uses one and absolutely loves it. I would love to win this and give it to a friend who is expecting her first baby. She would be thrilled!


I can't believe this. I was just talking about the Ergo with my cousin today and I said that I wanted to find a store where I can try one on! I carry my 19 lb baby--seems like more the longer that I hold him, chapstick, wipes, diapers, hat, mittens, a couple of baby toys, cocoa butter stick (he has chapped cheeks from teething), my wallet and keys. But more important than what I carry, is WHEN I carry--during errands, traveling (airport and car trips), walks around the neighborhood, around the house (cooking, cleaning, laundry, walking to sleep (as mentioned above), walking to calm a fussy baby, eating, checking e-mail, facebook, etc.). Have been on the lookout for a carrier that would be quick and less bulky than my current sling--love my current sling, but its very big and bulky--not convenient for errands or for travel. Good timing Claire!!


I love to carry around my 7 month old baby! :)


I love carrying around my puppy. Though now he's 26 pounds and a wee bit too heavy for me.



Justine McDilda

Besides my baby, I also have my chapstick, keys, wallet/ID, some wipes for runny noses, an extra pacifire, and my nipple shield(only way my kids can nurse :-( )


We never leave without an Epi-Pen Jr, my iPod, and chapstick.


I never leave without my child!


I loved reading your review...so well written and right-on (and honestly, I often don't read entire reviews).

I've wanted an Ergo for a while now, though I have a toddler I know it would come in handy. Plus I'm really hoping to have another babe very soon.

Anyway, I like to carry my camera with me, when I'm not schlepping diapers and other kid stuff. You never know when you'll get a great photo op.




What a great review! Currently, my fave thing to carry around is a camera, but that's because my baby isn't here yet! :) thank you!


I'm a huge fan and believe I may have been one of the first to recommend the ergo to you back when you were pregnant, Claire! I literally carried the Shmoo all over Beijing in that thing. He loved being on my back rather than in the stroller so he could interact with passersby at eye level. I had the little pouch, which looks like a very unstylish fanny pack, to be sure, but with that pouch and the zip pocket I could get everything in that I needed for a day out in the city. Favorite thing to carry besides the babe was my cellphone and little hard biscuits for him to gnaw on.

Andrea Kruse

I always have to have my new baby girl with me, a hair tie, my stocked diaper bag, phone and my new Ipod touch!

andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

Andrea Kruse




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